"I didn't realize the emotional implications that my client was facing
after the loss of her husband (someone with whom I had worked for years) that a
ffected how she viewed our work together.  
In working with Teresa, I learned how to  listen, and hear,
what my clients needed from me. It was very eye opening and
I consult on a regular basis to talk over individual client cases."
S.W., Wealth Advisor, NV

Optimize Your Time with Consulting from the Privacy of Your Office

My parents divorced when I was 15. Nearly overnight, my Mom went from being part of a pretty normal, middle-class family in a small town in Michigan to being a statistic: Divorced woman. One child. Poverty level income. It was heartbreaking and traumatic. Life for us both became a matter of survival. And the facts are these: We were far from alone. Following divorce, women (almost always) see a dramatic reduction in lifestyle.  

This experience profoundly changed the way I looked at the world, and my place in it, in ways large and small. We couldn't afford a new battery for our car the next winter so scraped together $8 to pay for a jump each time we had to turn off the car. That was easy.  It was an inconvenience, but we managed. The larger things, not so much: The dream of college, of owning our home and many small things, disappeared overnight and survival became Goal #1.  My "money scripts" changed dramatically and changed my behavior from that point on. Money went from being nice to have to a necessity and completely re-framed my concept of security.

Help Your Clients Prosper by Learning Their "Money Story"

My point in sharing my story above with you is that we all have a money "story" - messages or incidents from our past that informed how we feel about money and how having it (and more to the point) not having, makes us feel about ourselves, and your clients are no different. Their feelings, emotions and thoughts surrounding money can lead to behavior that's sometimes problematic and that can affect your bottom line.

With my Solutions-Focused approach, you can uncover the core of your clients "money story" affecting how they feel about money, how they prioritize and make decisions about investing, spending, saving, making and sharing it. These thoughts, generational attitudes and beliefs around money were formed long they even realized the importance. These clues, gone unnoticed, can lead to relational issues between your client and yourself as a trusted financial advisor.

Contact me today for a brief consultation to learn how you can enhance your knowledge of the emotions and psychology of money and how it can benefit your practice.
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