Financial Behavior Training, Coaching, Consulting
for Psychotherapists & Finance Professionals

How Your Clients Benefit from Your Expertise in the Psychology of Financial Behavior

The way each of us feels about money - whether we have more than enough or not, affects how we prioritize and make decisions about our money.  These feelings, attitudes and beliefs around money were formed long before we even realized the importance through our Family of Origin.  Unresolved issues around how we value our time and efforts and how we spend, save and invest can lead to relational issues in terms of how we view our own worth, between our spouse or partner and even with a trusted financial advisor. 

Empowering your client's healthy money relationships, and in turn their decisions, is advantageous for you both.  Your interest in, and advanced study surrounding how your clients "feel" about money, their attitudes and behaviors sets you apart and more readily ensures a long, trusting relationship with your clients.

Becoming a trusted, lifelong advisor to your clients and their heirs is your utmost concern in service and retention. My area of expertise in helping you navigate the emotionally complex money emotions of your client can provide you with a deeper understanding of their psychological behavior and responses. Clients in transition experience stress; of that we are well aware. Inheritance, divorce, the death of a spouse, selling a business, retirement, career changes (both voluntary and forced) and even the acquisition of sudden wealth can cause extreme stress.

How You Will Benefit

Moving your resistant clients through the transformational changes that will make a true difference in their life and your relationship to them, is our primary goal when working together. The "soft skills" of working with clients, that is, their emotions around money is critical to your servicing and retaining them as long term clients. I provide you with very practical skills and easy-to-implement tools for working with your clients and their emotional behaviors towards money.

To ensure the greatest success, I use a very structured, solutions-focused approach to the psychological side of providing exemplary service to your client, including:
  • Earning your client's trust
  • Developing advanced listening skills enabling you to "hear" your client in an empathetic and compassionate way
  • Empowering your client's financial decisions while respecting their life situation and prior money "scripts", learned in their Family of Origin
  • Understanding life transitions that your client may be experiencing
  • Strategies for working with couples
  • Transforming your couple client's relationship so that they can move past their financial stress and conflicts
  • Communicating your value to your clients in a consistent, clear manner

Connect. Engage. Prosper.


Financial Behavior Expertise

My knowledge and expertise in Financial Behavior Therapy has an experiential foundation of over 13,000 client hours and two decades. I invite you to learn more on my therapy site.  My therapy clients encompass:

Executives (Managers and C-Suite)
IT Professionals and Engineers
Professionals (Physicians, Attorneys)
Individuals and couples in Transition:
  • Career Changes
  • Divorce or Death of a Spouse
  • Preparation for Retirement
  • After Retirement
  • Acquisition of Sudden Wealth
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