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My parents divorced when I was 15. Nearly overnight, my Mom went from being part of a pretty normal, middle-class family in a small town in Michigan to being a statistic: Divorced woman. One child. Poverty level income. It was heartbreaking and traumatic. Life for us both became a matter of survival - literally. And the facts are these: We were far from alone. Following divorce, men (often) become richer and women (almost always) become poorer.  

This experience profoundly changed the way I looked at the world, and my place in it, in ways large and small. We couldn't afford a new battery for our car the next winter so scraped together $8 to pay for a jump each time we had to turn off the car. That was easy.  It was an inconven-ience, but we managed. The larger things, not so much. The dream that we shared that I'd someday attend college dissipated as basic survival became Goal #1. My "money scripts" changed dramatically and informed my behavior from that point on. Money went from being nice to have to a necessity and completely re-framed my concept of security.

"Learning about my Financial Behavior, and really the complexities of it, was so eye opening.  
As I started looking at the "money scripts" I had learned growing up, I realized what a
profound effect they had on my choice of career, my (seemingly constant) money issues and
even my relationships.  
I schedule Intensive "tune-ups" with Teresa on a regular basis;
my financial health is that important to me."

R.W., San Jose, CA

More About My Financial Behavior Expertise

If you need to start thinking about money in a whole new way, I can help. My knowledge and expertise in Financial Behavior Therapy and Coaching has an experiential foundation of over 14,000 client hours and two decades. My financial behavior clients include the following:
  • Executives (Managers and C-Suite) and Professionals (Attorneys, Physicians)
  • Finance Professionals interested in adding Financial Behavior and Money Psychology as an area of expertise in working with their own clients
  • Psychotherapists and Coaches interested in adding Financial Behavior as a niche in their private practice or in examining their own Financial Behavior issues
Individuals and couples experiencing the following transitional issues have experienced impressive results from Financial Behavior Intensives:
  • Women who have been recently widowed
  • Women who have recently separated or become divorced
  • Individuals and couple experiencing problematic money behaviors such as overspending, underspending, financial dependency or enabling, vow of poverty and poor investment decisions
  • Individuals and couples experiencing money disorders such as workaholism, perfectionism, shame, denial and relationship difficulties
  • Individuals experiencing career transitions, including working overseas, promotions
  • Individuals preparing for and experiencing retirement
  • Individuals who have received an ADHD diagnosis
  • Individuals who have acquired sudden wealth
  • Couples who are preparing for simultaneous and staggered retirement (one partner is retiring while the other will continue working)
Teresa Lauer, LMHC, Financial Behavior Therapy, Coaching, Training

Teresa Lauer, LMHC

Washington State
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What's Your "Money Story"?

or 3/4 of adults report feeling stressed about money at least some of the time
American Psychological Association (APA) Study

Mastering your financial behavior can absolutely change your life.  My point in sharing my story above with you is that we all have a money "story" - messages, or even incidents from our past that informed how we feel about money and how having it (and more to the point) not having, makes us feel about ourselves. Our feelings and emotions about money lead to our behavior towards it and sometimes that's problematic.

Financial Behavior Coaching helps you discover the core of your "money personality" and whether money disorders or problematic money behaviors are keeping you from living a stress-free life in terms of money.  I'd like to share with you some of the areas we can concentrate on when working together:
  • Why are you a spender or a saver?  We do more than scratch the surface of questions such as this and go deeper to explore why you exhibit some money behaviors and how they may be keeping you from reaching your money goals.
  • Do you make the income you feel represent your education, skills and talents?
  • Do you need to stop making financial decisions that set you back?
  • If you're on your own, are scared at the prospect of not making an income?
  • If you're part of a couple, do you find you're having the same fights over and over about money want to be on the same page
  • Do you want to be in a different place financially and live the lifestyle you want (and feel you deserve)?
  • Are you ready to retire comfortably or do you need more or retire comfortably?
The way you feel about money - whether you have more than enough, or not - affects how you prioritize and make decisions about money, including spending it, saving it, making it and sharing it.  These feelings, generational attitudes and beliefs around money were formed long before you even realized the importance of it through your Family of Origin, that is, your parents. Unresolved issues around how you value your time and efforts concerning money often lead to relational issues in terms of how you may view your own worth and affect your relationships between you and your spouse or partner or even a trusted financial advisor.

You don't have to equate money with stress any longer.  An understanding and awareness of why you feel as you can about money, what it means to you and your family and how to make change to improve problematic behaviors is within reach.  Meditation and stress reduction training are offered as an option to my Financial Behavior work.
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